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Lutron Home Control Offers Increased Savings & Security

Lighting can account for up to 20% of a household’s yearly electrical usage and up to 40% commercially. As a savvy business or homeowner, when you investigate your options for energy efficiency, consider Lutron dimming. Lutron switches and systems save energy without sacrificing style.  More importantly, Lutron systems increase the security surrounding your home: turn on your interior lights as you approach your home from your smartphone device.

Have Quinn Electric take a look at your current system to see where Lutron can help reduce energy costs, increase comfort, improve security and manage light control solutions. We offer a free home consultation to let you know your options in terms of lighting control.

With Lutron products and Quinn Electric’s service, you get the flexibility you need and the energy savings you want – all expertly installed.

Improved technology:

Lutron dimmers are not your father’s dimmer. Unlike the wound inductive devices of the past that were noisy, Lutron dimmers use electronic transformers that are capacitive in nature. Their special dimming circuitry increases the life expectancy of low voltage lamps and increases operating flexibility. The dimming process can be controlled using a hand-held wireless remote control or at a traditional wall switch.

Lutron dimmers offer a clean, professional look since the fixture screws are hidden. The unit is fitted to the wall and then the front cover is pressed in place.

Having control of your interior lights from your smart phone device also offers a new level of security to your home or office. Imagine being able to turn the lights on in the dark house as you drive in the driveway, not as you fumble with your belongings coming into it!


Sonos began in 2003 with the idea of providing wireless whole-house sound systems that would cost less than custom installation jobs. Control is through a dedicated hardware controller or from an app on your smartphone allowing you to play music throughout your house.

Sonos Sound Wireless Systems For Awesome All-Over Audio

In rooms where SONOS is installed, you’ll have instant access to a huge music library and personal control of what’s playing in each room. Once connected to the internet, you control your iTunes library, archived music folders, worldwide radio stations, and streaming music services, all from your smart phone! Quinn Electric integrates your SONOS devices with a hardwired speaker/home theatre system and sets it up to be controlled by a single universal controller by RTI. You can install something like this, but contracting with Quinn Electric means you’ll have it finished before the technology changes!